How Will the Apple iPad 3 Affect e-Books and Publishing?

The Wall Street Journal announced this week Apple is gearing up for the next generation iPad. The iPad 3 should be available to American markets in the first quarter of 2012. Tech blogs are buzzing with the reported details on specs, including Ars Technica which noted display resolution will likely double.

If the speculation is true, and the new iPad does indeed sport higher resolution, it’s good news for electronic book fans. Higher resolution may allow publishers to offer finer details within e-books. On the other hand, it’s not clear higher resolution capabilities would immediately benefit previously published work. Screen resolutions may remain optimized for older devices. A handy list of DPI and pixel resolution for a variety of devices is on Wikipedia.

Regardless, we hope e-books continue to look better on all newer devices slated to come out in the near future. The market will gladly embrace newer and sharper readers.

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