The Top Ten Twitter Hashtags for Authors

It’s true authors can make connections on Twitter. We can also spread the word about our books and get encouragement from others. EDBOK just started on Twitter, and we’re already amazed at the new sources of information it has opened up. Here are the Top Ten Twitter hashtags for authors we’ve found. If you have a favorite hashtag that didn’t make the list, drop us a line and let us know about it.


#books – Obviously if you’re working on or promoting a book, the books hashtag will be a favorite go-to.

#amwriting – The writers at met through Twitter. Johanna Harness runs the group blog and maintains an author directory at the site.

#kindle – Selling an ebook? Folks following the Kindle on Twitter seem to like this hashtag.

#ebook – Speaking of ebooks, run a search on the term to see current discussions.

#booknooz – A hashtag started by Michael R. Hicks, aka @KreelanWarrior. Also, check out his writer-friends here.

#writing – A lot of authors use this hashtag.

#writetip – A neat hashtag to find tips for writers. Jon Winokur, @AdvicetoWriters, uses this one often.

#pubtip – More neat ideas for authors.

#indieauthor – Lots of self-promo advice.

#99c – While other products priced at 99 cents are mentioned using this hashtag, many authors of 99 cent books use it, too. These might provide future fodder for the 99¢ Book Review.


Of course there are loads other hashtags, including genre and subgenres like fiction, mystery, suspense, kidlit, etc. There are other hashtag lists out there, too. Altogether, for authors, spending time on Kindle is time well spent.

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