The Parable of the Stonecutter

Once there was a humble stonecutter who worked every day under the hot sun cutting stone. One day, fed up with his life, he looked up at the sun beating down on him, and he prayed, “Dear Lord, if only I were the sun, I would be the most powerful being.”

God heard his thoughts, and made him the sun. Now he was all powerful, and shined his rays upon the earth and he was happy for a while. One day, he noticed a storm cloud under him. The cloud blocked his rays from the earth, and pelted it with rain and wind and lightning. He grew unhappy, and said to himself, “The storm cloud is mightier than me. Dear Lord, make me a storm cloud so that I may be more powerful.”

God heard his thoughts and instantly he became a storm cloud. Now he was truly powerful, and he pelted the earth with rain and hail, wind and lightning. One day he passed over a mountain. The mountain absorbed his rain, wind, and lightning and was impervious to all his power. The man grew unhappy and he prayed, “Dear Lord, make a mountain so that I can be all powerful and resist the sun and storm clouds.”

God heard his thoughts, and instantly he was a mountain. Now he truly felt all powerful. He basked in the sun all day and was impervious to its rays. Storm clouds came and battered him with wind, rain, and lightning, and he stood strong as ever.

One day, he heard a hammer at his base. He looked down and saw a simple stonecutter chipping away at his rock. He grew unhappy and prayed, “Dear Lord. The stonecutter is more powerful than even I am! Please make me a stonecutter so I can cut mountains and resist storm clouds and the sun.” God heard his thoughts, and instantly he became a humble stonecutter again.

The moral of the story: Be happy with what you are in life. You are more powerful than you know, and you influence many others by the way you live your life.


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3 Responses to The Parable of the Stonecutter

  1. April Anne says:

    how do you feel about the story being unfinished?
    what information is given?
    what events do you expect to follow?
    if you were a part of the group in the story, what would you do?
    why is this story called a parable? what is its theme?
    are you pleased with the ending? why or why not?

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  3. Skeet jensen says:

    Wehn I was a young man in college I read this book and was inspired by this parrable and then a grew old and cold and now i beleive that this is totall gobshite and I look around and wonder when will nature truly matter & when will God drop the bomb & obliterate these most arrogant fuckin cunts that would refer to themselves as being civil

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