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It’s been an exciting time here at EDBOK. We have two new books from author Jaxon Reed to tell you about. The first is his debut book, Redwood: Servant of the State.

Young Servant of the State Marcus Savitch lives on Redwood, a restricted outer planet in the Janus String where humans are confined to one isolated city. Extraordinarily bright, a computer hacker and spaceship pilot, Marcus holds a dark secret. Afflicted with hematophagia, a forbidden condition compelling him to feed on blood, he lives in constant fear of eradication by the State. When his secret is exposed, he escapes and heads toward the giant trees at Redwood’s center. There, despite restrictions, a team of specialists from New Texas has been conducting clandestine research for decades on the mysterious creatures living deep in the forest. When revolution erupts on the outer planets, Marcus finds himself going back to the city he escaped from, this time with a small army at his side.

His second book is even better! It is Redwood: Twelver.

In this exciting sequel to Redwood: Servant of the State, Marcus and his friends who survived the Battle of Redwood have moved to the planet of New Texas to attend New Texas A&M University. Fame and popularity lead to problems with privacy and the paparazzi. Even worse, terrorist forces for the State still plague the planet, and more of their attacks seem to be centered around Marcus and Dee Dee.

A secret society, known only as 12, reaches out to help, inviting them into a hidden world of mystery and intrigue. Soon they uncover pieces of Dee Dee’s past, and find the State has one final secret connecting New Texas with Old Earth, and a plan to end the University Revolution once and for all.

Finally, he has both volumes in one book, Redwood Planet, available for a limited time at one low price.

Grab a copy of one or both today!

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