Introducing Ed Bok’s Airgun Reviews

Today I’m introducing a new blog called Ed Bok’s Airgun Reviews.

With the continued success of my book, Collecting Firearms for Fun & Profit, I’m in the beginning stages of considering to write a new one focused on airguns.

Airguns are a huge industry, and offer an entry into the shooting sports otherwise denied to city dwellers and those living where firearms are otherwise restricted. A wide variety are available, from sub-$100 models using spring power, to more advanced models perhaps using CO2 or specialized pistons, to more expensive models ranging to hundreds or even thousands of dollars, many of which use high pressure air.

In this blog, I hope to review a number of airguns and related items. My goal is to review them straight out of the box in most cases, much as you the consumer would find the items if you were to purchase them yourself. I’ll give my honest opinions, and hope to provide enough information to help you make informed purchases.

Ed Bok, October 2015

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