Kalibrgun Ocelot Review

I was pleased to be able to recently obtain a KalibrGun Ocelot from the good people at Wild West Airguns. KalibrGun is a Czech Republic airgun company well known for their highly regarded Cricket bullpup and carbine airguns, and the Colibri Hummingbird mini-bullpup. As an owner of all three, I was very interested in the Ocelot, a pistol offered along the famous lines of KalibrGun quality and reliability.

Steve at Wild West Airguns sent a cordial e-mail concerning the availability of the KG-300 KalibrGun Ocelot Pistol for $995.00 plus $16.00 shipping back in September. After sending the funds, the new Czech pistol arrived at my door a few days later.ocelot3

Why pistols?
Since the widespread availability and affordability of pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) airguns in the United States, helped in large part by Crosman’s decision to produce the Benjamin Discovery and later the Marauder to domestic buyers, interest has grown among aficionados for ever more compact PCPs. (Disclosure: if you click on the Amazon links and order something, they send me a small percentage of the sale.)

Crosman finally came out with their own version of the Marauder pistol, however it seems to be essentially a carbine version of the Marauder (I own one). The biggest knock critics have is, it’s very big for a pistol.

So, the search continues for a compact, pistol-sized and weighted PCP that can be used at the range or while hunting, offering the performance capabilities of a PCP airgun in a lightweight and compact package. The Ocelot fulfills many of those requirements.

The Ocelot First Look
Upon receiving my delivery from WWAG, I was pleased to note the Ocelot came in its own padded hardcase. The case is very nice, of high professionally made quality, and will not be tossed aside. I keep the Ocelot in the case, although I’ve thrown in a couple of dehumidification packets. Also included were the fill probe and a couple replacement O-rings.ocelot1The .22 caliber Ocelot I bought has a relatively small fill tube, which is to be expected for a pistol. The probe is inserted after pulling the end cap up, revealing the probe entry. The air gauge is at the end of the tube, as is common with European PCPs. It goes up to 350 bar.

To load, one cocks the hammer back and thumbs the release to the left side of the gun. The chamber cover then is moved to the left, revealing the loading port. It’s a single shot mechanism, there are no magazines or bolts to work. Once a pellet is pressed flush into the barrel, the chamber cover is pushed back to the right and the pistol is ready to fire. ocelot4

The trigger is very nice. Not too sensitive, and certainly not too loose. If you like the triggers on KalibrGun’s bullpups, you’ll like the one on the Ocelot.

Noise is acceptable for most backyard use, in my opinion. Certainly it is not overly loud. No hearing protection is needed.

Things I liked
The size and weight of this pistol is great. Accuracy and quality of manufacturing is top notch. I enjoy shooting it more than any other airgun pistol I currently own. I particularly like the grips, which are fitted from the factory for right handed shooters. Other pistols I own, like the IZH 46M, do not come with decent grips, and people often send them off to be fitted or try to do it themselves.

Things I didn’t like
Loading is a little cumbersome. I have not enjoyed KalibrGun’s persnickety magazines on their bullpups and carbines, although that has not been a deal breaker for me. Since the Ocelot pistol dismissed with magazines, one would think it might provide a better experience loading. But, loading the Ocelot is not an exceptionally enjoyable experience. I have to admit, though, it gets the job done.

It’s not a terribly difficult experience. It’s just a fact of life that preparing a pellet to travel this fast from a small package will require some finger manipulation before shooting, and that’s going to be true regardless of the brand of airgun you choose.

Well worth the money, and it’s my favorite airgun pistol at the moment.

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  1. Bob says:

    I am having trouble filling my air tube w my hand pump. Is there a trick to the quick fill nozzle that was supplied w the gun?

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