The 11:05 Murders Book Review

Set in Northern Ireland, with an immediate sense of the tensions and politics unique to the region established by the author, the story opens with a brutal rape in the prologue then quickly gets down to business with the first gruesome murder for police to solve.

O’Hare introduces us to a remarkable character, Woman Detective Sergeant Denise Stewart. Throughout the story, more of her personality and background are gradually revealed. We start out knowing she has sworn off men, although plenty keep eyeing her because she’s rather attractive, and we know she is a straight shooter, having turned in a superior for corruption. As time moves on and the investigation continues, we follow some interesting plot lines revolving around her.

The tale is well written, with snappy dialogue, filled with Briticisms that will delight American readers. Characters have strong traits and interesting quirks like Sheehan’s sciatica and another detective’s stutter.


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