Collecting Firearms for Fun & Profit
by Edmund Loquacious Bok

Collecting Firearms for Fun and Profit: An Introduction to the Hobby offers novices and aficionados alike succinct guidelines for acquiring, enjoying and monetizing a gun collection. Details on grading guns, where to find bargains, where to sell for maximum gain, legal considerations, the basics of cleaning and storage, and which guns are considered collectable are all covered. All interested in learning more about guns in general, and collecting in particular, will find this book quite useful.

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An Improper Rescue
by Jennifer Wiginton

**Short Story**

A female warrior? Horrors! Such will not do to rescue Princess Sugarplum. But Pat is resourceful in more ways than one, especially when dealing with a female dragon…

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  1. Constance says:

    – do you think it was a case of the opposition getting into Pau7#821&;s head or more Pau getting lost in his own head? I was thinking about this the other day, remembering back to his meltdown in the playoffs. It’s one of the stranger things that I’ve seen in many years of watching basketball. He was missing so many point-blank chippies and would then slump back up the court talking to himself. The instance when Jackson shoved him in the chest was just… jarring. I’m glad to see him playing well again.

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