We offer the following editing and marketing services for authors:

“Final Eyes” proof reading – $50 per 50,000 words
Our experienced proof readers will go through your finished manuscript for a final once-over looking for typos, grammatical errors, discontinuities, and other items a final set of eyes can catch before your manuscript is published.

Vellum formatting – $50 for standard processing
We use Vellum, the standard in ebook formatting software, to help your manuscript look its best.

Blurb / back cover writing – $25
After the cover, the blurb is the first part of your book potential readers will see. We’ll read your book and provide you with appropriate copy, up to 300 words.

Marketing Services – free to $50
We will publicize your book on readper.com, and offer additional newsletter and social media marketing as well. Visit the site for more details.

No erotica. Please contact us for inquiries.